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Market Opportunity

Daily dealers e.g. Groupon are struggling while direct mail industry is battling for relevance. This has created a huge void in local businesses marketing.

WebCoupon is Filling the Void

WebCoupon addresses the pain points of restaurant owners as well as remedies deficiencies in daily deal’s business model(s).

Developing your own business

This is also an opportunity for marketing/sales professionals to develop and own a business of lasting revenues.

WebCoupon Opportunities

Territory Owners

develop and own a business of serving local merchants. You earn fixed income for each new customer, also share revenues from customers on your territory. More >>>


be a member of the team which is developing new paradigm of online marketing while delivering unique values to local merchants. More >>>

About WebCoupon


Online Promotion
publishing promotions online;
drawing consumers from Deal Networks;
tracking coupon uses;
rewards, referral, events, gift cards, …

Customers Retention
consumer email collection;
regularly scheduled email campaigns;
social reviews;
consumer analytics

Contacting consumers online low operating cost due to “free” consumer traffics
Deal Networks bring strong network effect.
Retention as top priority Integrating retention with promotion makes WebCoupon “stickier”;
Various promotions more types of promotions than any existing major marketing services: coupons, rewards, giftcards, events, referral…
Driving Social Reviews Turning happy customer experiences into positive social reviews without incurring extra costs.


does not reach all households, but touches right consumers at right time online.

is more cost-effective than Groupon and direct mails with more functionality and flexibility

integrates customer retention with acquisition instead of just sending
customers who are unlikely to return.

reaches out to entire online traffic on its Deal Networks which pools web traffic of local restaurants.

Customer Results (12 months)

@ Ninja Sushi restaurant of North Brunswick, NJ 05/2016 – 04/2017:

517 coupon redemption (excluding home-deliveries) with average discount at 12% & average sales at $50;
918 unique email IDs from online visitors;
29% rise in Yelp reviews during the same period.
Cost per redemption : less than $3