A WebCoupon Challenge

WebCoupon presents a challenge to restaurant owners: can your current marketing efforts produce comparable results as WebCoupon did for one of its clients?

Unparalled Marketing Results by WebCoupon

Neither direct mails, e.g. ValPak, nor Groupon could produce comparable results for restaurant owners.

Prove us wrong!

Trilogy of Online Marketing for Restaurants

Acquiring new customers

promoting your restaurant to online visitors who traveled to your site as well as the sites of nearby restaurants. More >>>

Retaining customers

using promotions as tool to collect email IDs from interested online visitors. Following up with these customers by email outreaches. More >>>

Finally, improving Yelp Scores

inviting happy customers to give Yelp/Facebook/Google reviews. More >>>

Customer Results

Ninja Sushi restaurant

North Brunswick, NJ
05/2016 – 04/2017:

517 coupons redeemed

This number does not include home-deliveries coupons. Average discount is 12% & average sales is $50;
918 unique email IDs collected

WebCoupon quietly builds a high quality customer database for every client. More >>>.
29% more Yelp reviews.

WebCoupon deploys simple while effective means to encourage reviews by happy customers consistently. More >>>
Cost per redemption : less than $3


Online coupons & promotions

Publishing various types of promotions to website(s) and social media accounts:

  • Discount coupons;
  • Reward and loyalty cards;
  • Online gift cards, and
  • Events e.g. fund raising for non-for-profits

Customer Database and Email Marketing

WebCoupon also runs a set of customer management tasks in parallel:

  • Collecting email IDs from online visitors;
  • Running frequent email campaigns;
  • Soliciting customer reviews in Yelp, Facebook, or Google+;